My name is Zach, just like the website’s name.

Ombudusyme is a made up word in case you were wondering.

I like to make things up, always have. Stories, pictures, shows, games, songs. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. But then again, why would I want to, when making stuff has given me so many amazing experiences?

I got to work with Stan Lee when he created his first new characters in over 20 years. I put every Harry Potter movie on the web. I’ve made award-winning games.

But those are highlights. Mostly I make cool fun things that come and are gone like spring flowers.

I live in Hollywood, California, which is maybe the most creative place on earth. As you can tell, I love pen and ink. Camping, birds, and coffee. If you still have more questions go to the contact page. Let’s talk and do something cool.

That’s me out on the roof for a stretch.