Okay world… I’m ready

It’s been half a year out of the rat race. Half a year of just seeking calm and bliss. Rediscovering lost paths. Remembering who I do this for. Remembering why.

I have laid high the dry kindling. I have fasted until I felt hunger again. I found nature and I found inspiration.

So okay, World… I’m ready.

Zach Foley, Hard Rock Guitar, Universal Citywalk

For someone who came to LA with little more than long curly hair and an art degree, I’ve done better than I ever expected. I’ve had an amazing ride through animation, advertising, startups, video games, and most recently casino gaming.

Once, I got to work one-on-one for a few years with the legendary Stan Lee. And yes, it was as awesome I you think. Probably awesomer. Did your inner grammarian purse its metaphorical lips at the word “awesomer”? That’s part of the price I pay. You take risks, and they don’t always pan out. When you’re an artist, you have to know the rules. And you have to break them. Because when you do, and the tide and time rise to meet you. Its awesomer than you ever expected.